Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kay's Kamp?

Kay's Kamp is a week long medically supervised camp for kids diagnosed at one time with cancer. Kampers are ages 5-17 years old and can currently be in treatment, remission or a cancer survivor. Kamp strives to provide some normalcy and fun in the lives of children whose childhood has been taken away by cancer and it's treatments.

What is there to do at Kay's Kamp?

Kay's Kamp is just like a typical overnight summer camp week while also providing 24 hour medical supervision by experienced doctors and nurses on site all week. Activities include Sports & Games, Arts & Crafts, Canoeing, Fishing, Swimming, Archery and so much more.

How much does it cost to attend Kay's Kamp?

All kampers attend Free of Charge!​

Who can attend Kay's Kamp?

All children attending Kay's Kamp ​are currently undergoing cancer treatment or in remission and are between the ages of 5 and 17. To be considered, all applications and forms should be completed and submitted by the noted deadline, but applications may be accepted up to the start of Kamp in certain situations. *All applications are reviewed by our Medical Director for eligibility.

What happens if a kamper is homesick?

The best way to deal with homesickness is to actively prepare kampers prior to the week of Kamp. Parents will be provided with tips for talking to their child about the Kamp experience. One of the best ways to manage homesickness is for parents and staff to reassure kampers that they will have an exciting week. Parents may call the Kamp office regularly to talk with Kamp staff and find out how their child is doing. In the event that a child truly needs to go home due to homesickness​, they will not be able to return to Kamp during that Kamp session, but may return the following year. However, it has been our experience that homesickness is more common for parents than the kamper!

What are the qualifications for the staff?

All staff members are volunteers including our 24 hour medical team of doctors and nurses. All staff are screened, interviewed, background checked through State and National​ registries and are provided with comprehensive training prior to Kamp. Regular staff must be at least 20 old, with the exception of life guards who are required to be 18 with current American Red Cross certification (ARC Open Water Certification is also required for waterfront supervision).

Where is Kay's Kamp and what are the facilities like?

Kay's Kamp will be held at the University of Delaware North Campus.

How many kampers are in a cabin?

On average, there are 4-8 kampers per cabin. Each cabin will also have at least 3 adults.

What is the Rule of 3?

No kamper is ever permitted to be alone or with only one staff memeber. Kampers must be accompanied by either two staff members or one staff member and another kamper.

Are medical staff available while my kamper is participating in their activities?

Each cabin is accompanied by a nurse throughout the day and during evening actitivies. All overnight medical needs are handled by the Medical Coordination Director.

What should my kamper wear to kamp?

We invite all kampers to wear comfortable clothes for summer weather. Rain, wind, something warm for outdoor evening activities. We also encourage all kampers and staff to wear any costume or accessories that go along with our theme.

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The Mission of Kay's Kamp is to provide children ages 5 to 17 who are battling cancer and those now in remission the opportunity to participate in a unique camping experience promoting fun and normalcy - Free of Charge!

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T: 302-304-2496

F: 302-828-2391

Executive Director: Gretchen Loose

Kamp Director: Dave Wessell

Kamper/Family Liaison: Katie Foster

Kay's Kamp is a program of Kay's Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.